Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tea Party Tyrants

a little coverage for my American friends and worth considering for Canadians........

The elite are delighted with the Wisconsin situation. They rub their hands together gleefully as the last vestiges of the middle class start to tear each other apart. They urge on the vicious comments against the public service sector.

For decades the elite have resisted paying their fair share of taxes and hidden behind the skirts of shareholder privilege to line their pockets while the middle class has steadily eroded away under the weight of tax cuts while good paying jobs flee North America.

And now the remaining middle class and working class are beseeched and stirred up by the Tea Party to find fault with the public sector unions who have negotiated good benefits when wages have been stagnant. The poor old taxpayer is being coerced into blaming the victim instead of the culprit.

Who is the real culprit? The elite have downloaded the cost of public services by evading taxes since the 1980s. Now, at the urging of the Tea Party, property taxpayers in our communities – you and I - are ready to blame the public service unions because we are at the end of our collective ropes. Right there to back the Tea Party is Charles Koch whose family fortune was founded on cash from that stalwart of capitalism: Joseph Stalin, while this Koch generation further enriched themselves by skimming off the top of every barrel of barrel that ever passed through their hands.

Wake up people, it’s not your neighbours – the teachers, police and firemen who serve your community – who are to blame, it’s the dons and divas in gated communities who’ve built their wealth on the backs of all of us who are at fault for escaping their responsibility to pay their fair share.

Yes, there is only one taxpayer and he is us, the working and middle class of North America because the elite has escaped the taxman and gone on holiday with the money their corporations saved by shipping jobs offshore.

Just as our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and North Africa are now doing, it’s time we point the finger at the real culprit. It’s time to wipe that smirk off the elite’s face – put the blame where it truly belongs.