Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally...economic leadership for Canadians

Dion has announced a five point plan to be delivered within 30 days to inform Canadians with the best information from the experts and help get the ball rolling again with infrastructure and manufacturing investments.

This is precisely the type of leadership we need and that Canadians expect from their government. I want to see those reports and I am confident that Dion will not hide them with a Friday afternoon release.

I do not want to be patted on the head with platitudes from Harper any longer - our mutual funds lost more than 25% in the last few days, fortunately we don't have to rely on them yet.

The line Harper uses is that "the fundamentals are strong". This is the same line that George Bush used about two weeks ago and by Hoover in 1929. Is this another campaign meme from the Republicans or just from history?

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