Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Harper Record

Pick your favourite topic and review the laws, policies, regulations, and initiatives of The Harper Record from the Canadian Centre on Policy Alternatives. The book is available for purchase but also for download.

Chapters include: 
  1. Governance, 
  2. Economy, Trade and Investment, 
  3. Racialization and (In)Security, 
  4. Energy and Environment, 
  5. (In)Equality and Public Services, 
  6. Culture and Communications, and 
  7. Federal-Provincial Relations
"This book is one in a series of CCPA publications that have examined the records of Canadian federal governments during the duration of their tenure. As with earlier CCPA reports on the activities of previous governments while in office, this book gives a detailed account of the laws, policies, regulations, and initiatives of the Conservative minority government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper during its 32-month term from January 2006 to September 2008.

The 47 writers, researchers and analysts who have co-written this book probe into every aspect of the Harper minority government’s administration. From the economy to the environment, from social programs to foreign policy, from health care to tax cuts, from the Afghanistan mission to the tar sands, from free trade to deep integration, and to many other areas of this government’s record, the authors have dug out the facts and analyzed them."

Lots of fodder for discussion contained within its 504 pages. Don’t be frightened by the size of the document, it’s exceptionally well laid out identifying each topic easily linked from the table of contents.

Since Harper won’t give us a synopsis of his record nor even his plan for the future during the election campaign, Canadians need to use their own resources…this is an excellent one.

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