Friday, May 15, 2009

a tribute slideshow

Just made my first upload to YouTube. I'm sure I need to learn something because the quality is not as high as when I view it on my own laptop. Oh well, it was a creative endeavour that was healing.

Caleb's Memorial Monolith Burn

Oh and I really didn't like that YouTube stripped the audio and forced me to replace it with a classical piece. The original soundtrack I made included some of Caleb's favourite tunes and I even bought them but you can't put those on YouTube.

Caleb and I had an intense interest in news and would send each other links constantly. Now every time I see something that I think he'd like, I have to stop myself from sending it.

I'm resigned to having to deal with his death, I'm just now coming to realize that it's all real so I guess I'm not in shock anymore. Amazing the value of being in shock!

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