Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BURNcast.TV Presents: In Loving Memory

Burncast Memorial Video

DaBomb of Burncast TV has created a very moving tribute to all the Burners and significant friends who have passed away this year. The music is perfect for this expert arrangement of photos including Caleb. Thanks DaBomb for your very moving project.

BURNcast.TV: BURNcast.TV Presents: In Loving Memory

A memorial service for Caleb Schaber will be held at this year's burn at Rue Morgue in the 9:00 Plaza on Thursday evening starting at 6PM. Origami cranes can be made at Rue Morgue in advance of this service for placement in the memorial coffin to be burned in the Temple on Sunday evening.

My camp will be with the Black Rock Beacon located on Revolution Rd. @ 5:30. I look forward to meeting Caleb's friends at this burn so that we can celebrate his exciting and interesting life together.

We are permitted to grieve
Because we have been
Privileged to love.
To escape grief at the cost of
Never having loved
Is too dear a price to pay

In loving memory of Caleb Schaber

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