Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving on - Playa memorials for Caleb Schaber

How to remember Caleb Schaber this year at the burn? Playa time being what it is, pick the one you can fit in to your schedule or that helps you to say goodbye:

• Bring a “found item” like a piece of wood that he might have painted on to add to the on-playa Outsider Art sculpture that we are creating. If you have one of Caleb’s paintings, photocopy and bring that to put on the sculpture. Bring that email that haunts you still. Heck, Caleb once created a piece of art from a pizza box! There will be basic tools to assist and some paints to apply your note – bring burnables only please. It is your sculpture of your memories of Caleb and we will burn it after the memorial on Thursday evening. Check at the ARTERY for placement location.

• Make an origami crane with the assistance of the crew at Rue Morgue (9:00 plaza) early in the week to place either on the sculpture or in the coffin that Rue Morgue puts in the Temple each year. Write your goodbye to Caleb on the crane. This is a drop-in anytime activity.

• Meet on Monday evening at 6PM at the Black Rock Beacon on Evolution Rd @ 5:30, to help us swarm the city's porta potties. We have created a Mental Health survivors Guide to the Playa and printed 500 on sticky labels for the porta potties. In Caleb's memory, let's help those who are suffering to have a safe burn!

• Eat breakfast on Wednesday morning at 8AM and until the food runs out at Toon Town Disco. We’re hosting the Breakfast of Mental Health Champions. We are going to be sooooo politically incorrect as to knock mental health stigma out of our society’s lexicon on Caleb’s behalf. There will be good food to fortify us, heck, Rhino is even bringing GRITS! I’m crazy; you’re crazy too, come dance with me at the disco!

• Memorial at Rue Morgue, 9:00 plaza at 6PM on Thursday followed by the burning of the sculpture once the sun sets. Bring your own “shooter” glass, tequila might be involved. Heck, bring some tequila so there's lots.

• Visit the Temple and leave your memories there. A poster has been created with some photos of Caleb. His name is on the Memorial Burner Plaque. One page in the book of memories in the center of the Temple is for Caleb – read about his life. Add your notes nearby.

• Attend Temple Burn this year, watch the coffin full of cranes enter the Temple and remember that crazy email Caleb sent you and let it all go as the Temple goes up in flames.

• If none of these fit your schedule or your personal connection to Caleb, crack open a PBR and drink to his memory. Don’t be surprised if there’s one less PBR in your cooler – his spirit will be there all around us hopping from camp to camp looking for a brew and deep, spirited conversation. When he shows up at your camp, love him or curse him for leaving us all behind to carry on without his crazy, wild, genius.

Peace be with you, Caleb

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