Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woodstock - no not that one, the other one

Writing for the next week from Woodstock New York while attending the Tenth Annual Woodstock Film Festival.

Some of my reviews and reflections will be available on Huffington Post, whose senior editor Stewart Nusbaumer has assisted me with credentialling, etc. I remain hopeful that a Canadian publication will be interested in purchasing some of these interviews and articles. Wow, has journalism ever changed!!!

Stewart and Caleb met in Iraq and Afghanistan and shared many of the same war time journalism experiences. This has been our first opportunity to get together as Stewart was in Afghanistan when Caleb died. We're working on the Film Festival but also making time to share our Caleb stories. Stewart's property at Arkville is hidden away in the Catskills - only 2 and half hours from the George Washington bridge!

Caleb would have loved it here. The property reminds me of his home turf at Buchanan and even has a separate studio building similar to his father's. With the fall leaves changing colour, Caleb would have loved it here so I'm making the best of the situation and enjoying the experience here too. Stewart has many stories to share and much encouragement for younger journalists. Being here is like being bathed in the warm glow of a mentor. Now I understand why Caleb spoke so highly of Stewart.

My business card will henceforth say "Fiercely Independent Journalist".

Does ferocity scare editors or publishers? Who knows but it is now time for me to find out?

And here's the press photo...

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Al_Pal said...

Well done & Brava!
I shall look forward to seeing your work. ;D